A.I.M. Automatic Investment Machine is an Automatic investment Software based on Robert Lichello’s bestseller “How to Make $1,000,000 in the Stock Market Automatically” where he teaches his now-famous Automatic Investment Management system.

In fact, we have Automatic Investment Management Software for you to manage your portfolios and use Mr. Lichello’s system with ease.

At a price that can’t be ignored

A.I.M.  Is the ultimate experience in management, speed, and control. Below you will find a few features inside our investing software. On top of that, we give a no-questions-asked 30 day Money Back Guarantee If you haven’t read this best-seller you can get it from www.amazon.com by clicking the button below.

Other Interesting Features

Unlimited Portfolios

SMS Message System

Get Quotes with one click

Add quotes to AIM with ease.

Portfolio Transaction Manager

A.I.M. System Analyzer

Imports History Data in multiple formats

Print Transaction & Analysis Reports

Automatic Trader Commission entries

Unlimited Real Time News

Includes a Personal Agenda

Knowledge Database

Twinvest Calculator

Password Protected

Split SAFE System

Chart Results

Login to your online account from AIM

Calculate Unlimited Scenarios with ease

and much more…